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I suffered from terrible lower back pain and left leg pain for a long time. I tried everything: physical therapy, acupuncture, medication, nothing helped. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Bernstein. He performs miracles, and does NOT do painful treatment that involves cracking, twisting or popping. I have been feeling so much better since I started being treated by Dr. Bernstein. Thank you so much, Dr. B. You are a great doctor.

- Robert Z., Jamaica Plain, MA

I was injured in a car accident about a month ago, and really hurt my neck, and I was having severe headaches and pain going down ino both shoulders. Dr. Bernstein is one of the most experienced, honest, caring doctors Ive ever met, and he was able to finally diagnose my problem correctly and get rid of my severe pain. I recommend EVERYBODY to him.

- Allison S., Brookline, MA

My doctor told me Id probably need lower back surgery for a disc, but he referred me to Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein for a second opinion. I cant tell you enough how glad I am I got to see him. He said maybe I didnt need surgery and started really helping me with my horrible low back. The treatments are unbelievably gentle but began to really get rid of my pain. Now Im able to go running again. No surgery needed, okay?. Id recommend Dr. Bernstein to anyone, anytime. Hes the real deal. And a very nice guy, also.

- Jonathan L., Brighton, MA

Brookline MA Chiropractic Clinic

It's a smart decision to let us help you locate a Brookline chiropractic center near you. Once you've scheduled the initial consultation with the doctor at a Brookline, MA, chiropractic clinic, you will feel improvement in your health soon after. Our team is anxious to get started so that you can see the wonderful work we perform at our Brookline chiropractic clinic. Don't wait another moment and pick up the phone right now to schedule a meeting at our Brookline, Massachusetts, chiropractic clinic. Once you see our team of experts and friendly staff, we know you will be excited you chose to visit our Brookline chiropractic facility.

You might be thinking: what will my initial visit to the Brookline chiropractic center be like? You will be required to complete some simple paperwork at our Brookline chiropractic clinic which will tell us about your condition, your history, your insurance provider, etc. After the forms have been filled out, the staff at our Brookline, MA, chiropractic clinic will direct you to the chiropractor in the office to begin the diagnosis process. Once we completely understand what you are experiencing and what is causing them, the doctor will then put together a complete treatment strategy at our Brookline chiropractic facility.

We expect to see you regularly as you continue treatment at our Brookline chiropractic center so that we can chart your recovery. As you finish each component of your treatment strategy, our friendly team of experts at our Brookline, MA, chiropractic clinic will analyze your improvement and report back to you. Our Brookline chiropractic offices recognize that each individual has their own unique symptoms and conditions. That is why we feel our personalized treatments will have you feeling better really soon. Of course, our staff at the Brookline, MA chiropractic clinic is always available to answer any questions you may have.

After you've completed your therapy regimen, our Brookline chiropractic center has more in store for you. Our staff at the Brookline, MA, chiropractic clinic want to look at your eating habits, exercise patterns and lifestyle decisions and to improve them all so that you remain healthy. We want to you to have many years of great health, and our Brookline chiropractic facility will stay focused long after you are healed. Our Brookline chiropractic center also provides care for the entire family, so if anyone is seeking alternative care, we can help.

We hope that our Brookline chiropractic center offers all that you need, and that you'll schedule your visit soon. We're waiting for your call, so contact us now for your first visit!

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